Business Research Frequently Asked Questions

What is business intelligence?

What does business intelligence software do?

How can I find the right business intelligence tools?

How can I use business intelligence tools for competitive business research?

Do I need help trying to turn data into business intelligence?

Is there a simpler way to do get all this information?

How much will it cost me to invest in competitive business intelligence?

Who are some of the leading business intelligence providers?

How can I get different sources of business information for one price?

Who are leading business intelligence software providers?

What is a business background check?

What can you find out with a business background check?

Who can do a business background check?

How much does a business background check cost?

Can I do my own business background check?

Should I consider an online business background check provider?

Are business background checks confidential?

How long does it take to perform a business background check?

When should I consider conducting a business background check?

How do I know if a business background check provider is legitimate?

What is in a business profile?

How can I find all the business news and articles about a company?

Are there free sources of business profiles online?

Who has the best selection of company profiles online?

Who offers free samples of company profiles?

Can I add my own company profile?

What about business blogs and RSS feeds?

How do I write a company profile?

What about mass-market business print publications?

Can I trust a blogger as an accurate source of business news and articles?

What is a business resource?

What different types of free business resources are available?

What are some good business blogs?

What makes a good business blog?

Where do I find good small business resources?

Are there legitimate work-at-home business resources?

Can I get help writing a business plan?

Can RSS feeds be used as a business resource?

Do I need business resource software?

What's it going to cost me to get access to a business resource?

Why do I need access to business credit reports?

What's in a business credit report?

Aren't credit reports private?

Who sells credit reports?

How much will it cost to get a business credit report?

What's the best plan for me to obtain credit reports?

What's the difference between a credit report and a credt scoring report?

Can a credit report repair company help me?

Can I get credit info as part of an overall business information plan?

Is there a way to see credit reports for free?

Why do I need business information?

Where can I get solid business information?

Can I obtain sales contact information from a business information source?

Is it worthwhile to pay attention to unofficial business news sources?

Where can I get business franchise information?

Where can I find good sources of information on the IT business?

Are there resources for small business managers?

Is there a good overall business information center?

How much does it cost to get business information?

Which commercial pricing model is better for me?

Is it more difficult to do research on a private company?

Can I trust private company research from commercial information providers?

What happens when a private company decides to go public?

Which information providers have the best private company profiles?

What can I do if don't have the money for a membership with a provider?

What if I don't have any money to spend on private company research?

Are bloggers worthwhile sources of private company research?

What are some other ways to do free private company research?

What about forums and newsgroups

What about the Secretary of State?

Why is it easier to get information about a public company?

What information can I get from a public company that I can't get from a private company?

How can I look up financial information about a public company?

If I can get public company info so easily, why do I need to pay someone else for it?

What about older SEC filings? Are they available?

What about state and local government sources?

How should I choose a commercial business information provider?

What about research on international companies?

Can I get useful information from a corporate web site?

What about bulletin boards, forums and blogs?

How can I get help doing market research?

Where can I find market research for a specific business or industry?

What's in a commercial market research report?

How much does a commercial market research report cost?

Can I trust an industry analyst?

Can I do my own market research reports?

What about unofficial sources like blogs?

Who are some of the big names in market research reporting?

What kind of ROI can I expect if I invest in market research?

Is market research software useful?

How can I search for company profiles by industry?

What is an online industry portal?

How do I find online industry portals?

How do I research energy companies?

How can I do finance and mortgage industry research?

How can I do legal industry research?

How can I do aerospace industry market research?

How can I do transportation industry research?

What is the Small Business Innovation Research Program?

How can I do accounting industry market research?

Are blogs worthwhile tools for business research?

How do I find business intelligence in my field.

What's a Business Wiki?

What are the best business resources for conducting business research?

What's the easiest way to conduct a company credit search?

How can I find industry-specific business research?

What is a company profile and how can I find one I need?

How can I do public company research?

What's the easiest way to keep up on current company news?

How can a small business afford to do business research?

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