Find Free Business Information Resources Online

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What different types of free business resources are available?

Find Free Business Information Resources Online

There are many types of free business information resources available online, including the following general types:
Federal, state and municipal business resources: Check out your state or local government web site for business resource information centers. On the federal level, there's the SBA for small businesses, the IRS site for business tax information and, a federal business-to-government portal.
Trade organizations: Your local chamber of commerce web site is a good starting point, as well as the sites of any local, regional or national trade or business organizations you belong to.
Magazines and publications: Business magazines like Inc. and Fast Company have very active and helpful web sites. You should also check the sites of any trade magazines you subscribe to.
Businesses: Software giants Microsoft, Google and Oracle all have active sites with good business resources, often with many free components. Services like Bloomberg, Reuters and Dow Jones present business news updated 24x7 (and expect you to pay for it). Think tanks like Forrester Research and Jupiter Research offer analyst summaries for free, but want you to pay for the whole thing.
Business blogs: Don't underrate blogs as solid, free business resources. Blogs are especially good at covering smaller business communities in depth that otherwise wouldn't be possible from mainstream media.



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