Don't Forget to Check Upstream Partners

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How can I investigate potential suppliers for my business?

Don't Forget to Check Upstream Partners

While most businesses conducting business background checks are looking at downstream partners or customers, checking out upstream partners is cirtically important as well. understands this, which is why it offers a "Supplier Evaluation Report" that helps evaluate risks when considering new suppliers of critical components for your business. If you own a restaurant, for example, you need to know that your food suppliers are going to be there when you need them, extend credit as you need it, and understand that your needs are not going be serviced only from 9 to 5. A supplier report will tell you whether a potential supplier is having credit or legal problems, how it compares to others in its industry, even the compartive experience of the management team. At $114 per company report, it's not going to break the bank for you to request reports on all your suppliers, either.



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