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What is the Small Business Innovation Research Program?

Start-Up Funding Available From the Federal Government

There's federal money available to help anyone who wants to do small business innovation research that could have the potential for commercialization in the future. This is a highly competitive program but it can be lucrative, with start-up funding of nearly $1 million per business available from the government to promote homegrown R&D. Start with the Small Business Administration web site ( and look for links to the SBIR program. You need to be American-owned, have less than 500 employees and meet other stringent qualifications.

How can I do accounting industry market research?

Accounting Industry Market Research

There's a lot of research inherent in the accounting business. Accountants needs to keep up on tax law changes, SEC filings and lots of other business content just to do their jobs. So anyone doing market research of the accounting business has a head start in terms of available content online. There's so much information available on the business of accounting, surveys of accountants, etc., that the best way to begin research is to use a business research search tool. This way, you can get a top-down view of the information available and how it fits your needs. Next search for for the segment of the accounting business in which you are most interested.

How can I do transportation industry research?

Break Transportation Research Into Sub-Categories

If you're trying to do transportation industry research, first seek specific industry segments. They are easier to find and will give you better results. Examples may be market and industry research on railroads, aviation, automobiles and travel -- which should be more informative than a general transportation industry portal or business analyst. Once you've broken up your interest areas into segments, you can find plenty of analysis -- both free and paid -- with simple Google searches.
With so many changes in the automative and transportation industry, it's important to keep on top of the latest news. From diesel fuel to hybrid cars, download Manta's transportation industry research statistics online for your business information needs.

How can I do legal industry research?

Advice on Legal Industry Research

If you're trying to do legal research for competitive analysis, market research or sales lead generation for various companies in the legal industry, you can start with the American Bar Association, which offers demographic information and links to specialized legal directories. There are also legal search engines, which allow you to search firms by specialty practice areas and location, or a combination of factors. These search engines usually include up-to-date contact information, too. But if you want real trend analysis and market predictions on the legal services industry, you're going to have to find an online information vendor with specific reports available for download.
Before deciding on a legal professional to handle your business information requirements, download information on other legal services companies from Manta. Get charitable giving, trust and beneficiary information for your business from legal companies that offer business solutions.

How can I search for company profiles by industry?

Search for Business Information by Industry

Whether you're conducting competitive intelligence, market research or simply looking for sales leads, there may be a time when you want to do business research across a specific industry. It could be the aerospace industry or construction industry. Maybe you want to do legal industry research or transportation industry research. But you're going to want to be able to search across a specific industry to come up with company profiles and business contacts. How to do it? There are many different ways. One of the easiest is to find an online business information provider that allows you to search its archives by industry, as well as by name. There are plenty of them out there. You can easily look around andd one that's right for you.
For more detailed informaton on the companies within the construction industry, download a report available from Manta, which has information on financial, industry and competitive analysis.

How do I research energy companies?

How to Research Energy Companies

To research energy companies, you can try a couple of different sources: * Energy company portals like or These are great starting points for industry-specific business research. * Commercial business information providers that can sort company profiles by industry, making it easy to look up energy companies. * Public filings, not only with the SEC, but also with regulatory agencies.
Researching energy companies can get confusing, but with the help of professional business solutions providers like Manta, you can search specific information about an energy company including financial data and company profiles.

How can I do aerospace industry market research?

Aerospace Industry Research

Looking to do research on the aerospace industry? There are some solid portals to start with: and the Aerospace Industry Association are both filled with updated information and links to current industry news. If you want to pay for professional business analysis of the aerospace industry, independent resellers have a lot of updated links to reports and analysis on the worldwide aerospace industry. Your best bet is to go with an aerospace analysis specialist or a company that has access to those in the industry.
Stay up to date on the latest aerospace industry news and business reports, including company profiles, space and research technology and financial information for aerospace companies from Manta.

How do I find online industry portals?

How to Find Industry Portals

A good source of information for any industry, from the aerospace industry to the transportation industry, is an online industry portal. But how can you find the right portal? The easiest way would be to Google the name of your industry and see what comes up. Another way is to use a site like, which collects links to various industry portals. So if you're looking to do transportation industry research, for example, you can get instant access to all the leading web sites covering that industry.

How can I do finance and mortgage industry research?

Finance and Mortgage Industry Research

The easy, free way to do finance and mortgage industry research is to lurk on public financial information sites like Yahoo Finance or business blogs, discussion groups and bulletin boards that cover the specific financial industry segment in which you are interested. You can also find financial and mortgage industry web portals, which should point to specific industry analysis. However, for more specific and detailed financial and corporate information on finance and mortgage industry companies, you can purchase documents from information providers specializing in the financial and mortgage industries that will sell business analysis and finance and mortgage company profiles by the download.
For more detailed company information and finance and mortgage research, visit business research solution companies like Manta, which can provide detailed industry analysis and specific company financial data.

What is an online industry portal?

Start With an Online Industry Portal

When doing business research on a specific industry, an online industry portal is a good place to start. For example, in the construction industry, web sites like and are examples of industry portals. These sites include regularly updated industry news and briefs from multiple sources, company profiles, events calendars and more information about the construction business. Even better, these sites are usually free and accessible to anyone without paying a membership fee.

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