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How much does it cost to get a supplier evaluation from

Supplier Evaluations for $114

Supplier evaluations from cost $114 per company, with's innovative pay-by-the-download system. For a glimpse of what you can get, start smaller.'s reports start as low as $9.95 for basic business information and contact names and numbers. Want the most possible business information? offers a complete company profile for $129.95. There are no monthly or annual costs for business information. You pay only for reports you download.

What's in a supplier evaluation report?

What's in a Supplier Evaluation Report?

You can obtain a wealth of business information from a Supplier Evaluation Report. Here's a rundown of how much business information you can expect to find in a Supplier Evaluation Report:

* Basic details about company: ownership, years in business, address, D-U-N-S number, sales volume.

* Ongoing problems: court filings, relocations, fires or other incidents, job actions.

* Risk assessment: How risky will it be to do business with this supplier.

* Comparison to rest of industry.

* Mangement names and experience. supplier reports are researched and prepared by Dun & Bradstreet, a leading publisher of business information.

Can help me prepare for a business presentation?

Get Help With Creating Business Presentations

So you've been asked to make a business presentation -- before the boss, the board, community members or a trade group. You're going to need to put together something that not only makes your company information stand out, but also helps explain your overall industry and how your business plans to fit in over the next few years. An easy and inexpensive way to get help with the preparations is by using is a business resource that uses four leading publishers of business information to populate its online database. has millions of company profiles and thousands of up-to-date analyses of industries from art equipment to zoo supplies. Download some materials -- starting at only $9.95 per download -- and you'll have plenty of information to make a strong and effective presentation.

How can I get sales leads and contact information?

Generate Sales Leads With

It doesn't matter if you're a business-to-business supplier, if you use business-to-business suppliers, or if you are both a business-to-business supplier and a consumer. You need to have a constant stream of new sales leads to make sure your business continues to grow at a healthy rate. One way to gain sales leads at minimal cost is to purchase basic company information from For $9.95 per download, will sell a basic company report, which includes contact information for company officers and anyone else doing business with the public on a semi-regular basis. Closing the deal is up to you, but this type of company information should help you get in the door.

Can't I get the same information with a credit report?

More Than a Credit Report

Some business information you find in a Supplier Evaluation Report is the same as what you get in a credit report from one of the big three credit reporting firms. But there's a lot more in a report than you get from a standard credit report. Both include financial information, but the report uses that data as part of an overall business information package that includes predictive scoring and professional analysis. You can probably make sense of a business credit report, but for a few dollars more you can get it placed into context where you can learn exactly what you need.

I'm a supplier. Can my customers find my information online?

Is Your Business Profiled?

My business sells wholesale supplies business-to-business. Can my customers look up company information about my business? Yes, they can.'s Supplier Evaluation Reports are prepared by Dun & Bradstreet, a leading publisher of business information. D&B has millions of company profiles in its databases, including many small, privately held companies. You can find out if your business is profiled by going online to the web site and checking the company search.

How can I check up on a supplier?

Check Up on Your Suppliers

It's critically important to any business that relies on suppliers to make sure they are reliable. A grocery store needs product deliveries every day. If you're considering doing business with a new supplier, or simply want to make sure your current suppliers are financially healthy, consider a supplier evaluation report from These packages of company information are available via instant download. For $114 per download, you can get a package of serious business informaion, including credit score, financial history and risk assessment.

Can I get a sample supplier evaluation report?

Sample Before Buying

Whenever you buy business information from a commercial provider, always make sure the business information publisher will let you see a sample report before buying. Any of the leading publishers of business information, including, will let you see a sample report before buying. The sample is almost always of a fictitious company with no real information, but it gives a good idea of what's included when you download a real supplier report, or any of's other tiered information offerings.

How does get its information on suppliers?

Leading Publishers of Business Information has access to four leading publishers of business information: D&B, Icon, Datamonitor and Snapdata. If you look up business information on the web site, you'll find direct links to these publishers, set up with's instant download system. Many online information sites offer company information from a single supplier. customers can often choose between reports from one or more of the leading publishers of business information.

Why pay for a supplier report?

It's Worth it to Pay for Business Information

If you're dealing with longtime business-to-business suppliers or business-to-business suppliers with whom you work daily, or semi-daily, you likely know their businesses nearly as well as your own. So why pay $114 for a company information report from a leading publisher of business information? Because you probably don't really know what's going on behind the scenes at your supplier -- and you need to. Your relationships with your suppliers are critical to the success of your business. If a supplier has financial troubles, or pending financial troubles, you need to know about it ASAP. That's why you need access to the type of detailed supplier business information report available from

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