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How much will it cost me to get business information?

Tiered Information Plan Meets All Research Needs

What kind of information do you need to perform industry and market research? It depends on how detailed you need to get. This is why's tiered pricing plan works for just about anyone looking for professional quality business information. For a typical company profile, you can start as low as $9.95 to get contact information. The tiers then upgrade through a business background report for $39, a credit scoring report for $59, a payment analysis report for $76.50, a supplier evaluation report for $114, a business information report for $110, and a comprehensive report, with a complete historical and predictive analysis, for $129.50.

What's the best way to put together a market demand forecasrt?

Market Size and Mind Share

The single best way to make a market demand forecast is to think about market size and mind share at the same time. Market size looks at macroeconomic trends, like who needs your product or service and who has the money to pay. Mind share looks at microeconomic trends, like who is aware of your company and how your business is preceived as a comparative value. You can put together the market size/macroeconomic trends from the industry reports available on The mind share/microecnomic factors, however, are probably going to be up to you to figure out. Still, gives you head start at a relatively low cost.

What's the least expensive way to get business information?

Membership Has Its Privileges -- And Costs

If you need to create market research reports on a daily or regular basis, it might be worth investing in a membership with a business information provider that allows unlimited access for a monthly price. However, for the rest of us, it makes more sense to use a business information provider that charges only for what you use when you need industry and market research. has an innovative pay-by-the-download system that offers instant access to any information you want and makes you pay only for the information you actually use. With reports starting out at only $9.95 per download, it won't break your budget, either.

How can I get the information I need to create an accurate market demand forecast?

Use Downloadable Forecasts to Help Create Your Own Plan

To create an accurate market demand forecast for your business, you need to be able to access business information that will help you make an accurate prediction. With, you get immediate access to specific industry analysis across thousands of industries, as well as millions of company profiles. All of the industry research reports include one-year and five-year forecasts for the specific industry segment, while the company profiles have predictive analyses for that company's future business success. Together, you can get all the business information you need to help you put together an accurate market demand forecast for your company.

Can't I do my own market research without paying for someone else's information?

Do Your Own Market Research? Why?

You can do your own market research reports without paying for access to a leading publisher of business information. There's information on the Internet, from free libraries, and newspapers and magazines. But why would you want to spend all that time doing research, when has it already available for such a low cost? With company profiles as low as $9.95 and topping out at $129 per detailed company report, it's probably costing you a lot less to purchase business information from Manta, then to create market research reports by doing your own market research.

What if I need to do international research?

Think Globally When Doing Market Research

With technology advances making the world seem smaller every day, there's no excuse anymore for not thinking internationally with your business plans. So your market research should extend globally. You'll want to research US vs. global trends and forecasts, which will help you both understand future business trends and where you should concentrate business resources. offers business analysis covering hundreds of industries on global, international and national scales. With profiles and analysis from four leading publishers of business information, Manta is a one-stop source for anyone looking do market research on a global and international scale, as well as national and specific business sector reporting.

Where can I get both company profiles and industry analysis?

Company Profiles and Industry Analysis

To perform industry and market research, you need a combination of information on specific companies and overall industry analysis, complete with market demand forecasts and industry trends and analysis. With millions of company profiles and thousands of business analysis reports, can cover your industry and market research needs without forcing you to go to -- and pay for -- multiple sources of information.

Why should I use for market research?

Why Manta? Tough to Match its Services Combination

Why use for the business information you need to create market research reports? After all, there are hundreds of other providers of business information out there. But here's a tip: There are few services out there that offer the depth and breadth of information that has across multiple industries for as low a cost. Remember, uses four leading publishers of business information, covering millions of companies in thousands of industries. And only charges users for what they actually download. It's a combination that few other providers can match.

Where can I find business information easily?

Easy Organization = Reduced Search Time

It's no fun to try and indentify industry trends and analysis if you have to look forever to find the right industry reports. That's one of the reasons why makes its reports and analysis available online, with searches by company name, by industry, by geographic area and by the original publisher of the information. So, for example, if you're looking for aerospace information, you can easily click through to see reports and analysis on that subject. If you're looking for aerospace information in Africa, you can click through from the industry segment to the geographic segment. It reduces search time, giving you more time to actually study the reports and analysis to see how they will affect your business prospects.

Where can I find information to do market research?

Serious Market Research Demands a Serious Information Source

It's one thing to look up contact names for sales leads. But if you want to perform serious market research -- reasearch US vs. global trends and forecasts, market demand forecasts, specific industry trends and analysis -- you need a serious information source. offers market research content from four leading publishers of business information -- Dun & Bradstreet, Icon, Datamonitor and Snapdata. This means you can get detailed content on a specific company or an entire industry, depending on your needs.

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