What's the Cost? Depends on What You're Looking For

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How much does it cost to get business information?

What's the Cost? Depends on What You're Looking For

Say you've made the decision that free resources aren't enough and you're ready to pay for access to a commercial business information center. How much does it cost? For the monthly membership sites like Hoover's or OneSource, it's tough to tell since they don't advertise prices. But Hoover's sells a Lite Membership with limited access to content for $69.95 monthly, so its full memberships are probably a lot more. More straightforward in terms of cost is a cost-per-download site like Manta.com or MarketResearch.com, which sells third-party reports and information for anywhere from $1 to more than $100 per download, depending on the amount of data requested.
Manta business solutions contains company information and business information reports for millions of companies worldwide. Business information resources, from competitors to suppliers, can be found online and are available for download.



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