Finding the Right Market Research

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Where can I find market research for a specific business or industry?

Finding the Right Market Research

To find a market research provider for a specific business or industry, you can Google the term "market research" and your own business or industry name. For example, if you want information on personal electronics, Google "market research personal electronics." You'll find two distinct types of industry and market research available. There are specialists who offer industry trends and analysis based on their own professional knowledge and research of specific business segments. Also, you'll find larger general business information providers that offer profiles of specific businesses and industries based on their own analysis of information stored in their giant databases. Either can work. It depends on your needs and how much you are willing to pay.
To get more specific industry and market research, or for more detailed company profiles, download a report from a business solutions provider like Manta. The more comprehensive report will provide you with a detailed explanation of the company, and an analysis of the industry.



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